Our Services

Art of Living Property has been one of leading integrated real estate agents in Thailand.  Art of Living Property offers our property agency service is a professional service that helps our clients make their property business simpler. We design our services to achieve the best solutions for sellers, buyers and investors

With our specialists can advise and consult on all aspects of property such as Residential, Commercial, Investment and Land Sales, Research and Consulting & Feasibility Study and Property Investments services.


Residential Agency Services

Art of Living Property has Residential Agency Service as our solid service that provided in Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Phuket. Our services consist of;

     • Project Marketing & Exclusive Sales Agent
     • Non-Exclusive Sales Agent for Special Events and Special Projects
     • IP (Investment Property) Project Sales

Project Marketing and Exclusive Sales Agent

Art of Living Property’s Project Marketing & Sales Agent Teams have a high credential and more experience in providing and effective advice on Residential Development Project selling as well as providing Integrated & Strategic Marketing  & PR Planning, Project launching and Marketing and Sales Operation Services.

Our Project Marketing and Sales Service always provides developers with comprehensive consultancy services which include:

     • Market Research and Financial Feasibility Study :

We provide an in-depth survey of the market potential, competitors and business trends as well as feasibility study for highest return of investment ratio.

     • Project Development Consultancy :

We start and co-work with designer team; architects, interior designers, engineers and project manager in development encompasses the design of the ultimate product / project that can easily sell under the current market condition and match with the customer’s need.

     • Competitor Analysis and Pricing Strategy :

Our key success is to know your competitor’s product; who they are, what they sell, we also effectively advise on how your development can compete with them with proper and competitive price, and how to set a strategic price for all units and the selling timeline.

     • Marketing Plan and Implementation :

We create an effective market plans and strategies, marketing channels and public relation plan. Our plans should be evaluated and developed for all phases.

     • Sales Operation :

We collect, track and analyze the potential customers information. Our salesperson skills with high experience can convert the visited prospected customers to be real buyers in a lower ratio as our key success.

     • Unit Transfer (if required) :  

Our professional after-sales service team can provided and coordinate with Financial Institutes for Housing Loan Approval and prepare all documents for Ownership Transfer at Land Department. Indeed, we could help to solve customer’s problems for unit transfer more effectively.


Investment & Landservices

We offer a service in finding the site that meets our clients’ requirements on location, size, shape, zone, regulations etc. We also provide advice on how to make the best use of land, local laws, land title issues and market trends.

Developer & Investmentconsultancy

We offer services in developer and investment consultancy. We work closely with our clients and pay attention to the details of business so we can give advice that helps our clients make the right decision. Our consultancy service, with extensive information, maximizes the value of your capital.

Resale & Leasing

The resale & leasing service shows various types of properties with desired facilities on the market. Our team at Art of Living Property helps you find the right property that best suits your needs. We offer the resale & leasing service for commercial, residential, industrial and retail properties.

Property Valuation

For an accurate and timely valuation report, a reliable and professional service is necessary. By our qualified values, Art of Living Property offer services in valuation of all types of real estate across Thailand including commercial, residential and industrial properties, land appraisals as well  as valuation of hotels & resorts and other specialist properties.
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